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Sole Supports is an innovative, medical-grade foot orthotics manufacturer, pioneering a completely new paradigm for foot correction, and casting and manufacturing technology that implements it. We offer the first credible and comprehensive alternative to Neutral Position theory and methodology, the prevailing system of foot orthotic science and fabrication since the 1970s.

The Neutral Position paradigm, developed by Merton Root, DPM, fails to address the critical and commonly absent function of adequate foot re-supination after heel lift in stance phase gait. The compensations that result from failed re-supination constitute the etiology of most common orthopedic foot pains and deformities. MASS Posture Theory was developed by Dr. Edward Glaser and his biomechanics team to address the problem of re-supination and achieve all of the key biomechanical goals during stance phase. Sole Supports is the only lab that follows MASS Posture principles and fabrication technique.
Sole Supports is the second largest employer in Hickman County, Tennessee.   Our facility houses all our Corporate Offices as well as the Production Lab, where Sole Supports are created.   

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