Sole Supports™: Correcting Posture Up the Chain
An Easy Fix for Knee, Hip & Back Posture

As the arch of the foot falls it causes a twist up the leg with negative consequences for the knee, hip and back. So by restoring your arch height with Sole Supports™, you can correct the other imbalances at the same time.




When the arches of the feet slump, as most will at some
point, they have negative effects on knee, hip and back
posture. This is because, from the spine to the foot, all
joints are connected and influenced by changes in any
other joint in the chain. Fallen arches put a twist in the
chain that effects everything up to the spine.

Since Sole Supports™ were designed to restore the
proper arch height of the foot, wearing them can help
improve the posture and health of the knee, hip and
back as well.

Postural imbalances at any joint, especially ones that
bear full body weight in standing like the knee, hip and
spine, lead to excessive wear and tear that can cause
arthritis or even disc degeneration in the spine. There
are many other things necessary for healthy joints, such
as good strength, endurance and flexibility, but using
Sole Supports™ is an easy way to insure better joint
health every day.

From the back view you can appreciate another critical
change in posture due to a fallen arch: the leg is
effectively shortened on the side with the most arch loss;
the pelvis tilts out of alignment and the spine inherits an
abnormal curvature.