Foot Pain: How to Turn an Active Person into a Couch Potato

or How to Achieve Total Sedentary Living


 A foot that functions normally will give you a lifetime of pain-free use. Unfortunately, over 95% of us will develop some type of foot ailment due to collapsing arch structure. The warning signs include localized foot pain when on your feet, or just growing foot fatigue during weight-bearing activities.

The best time to start giving your feet back the function they need is when you notice any problems. All the common, non-traumatic foot conditions will respond well to Sole Supports™ —especially if you get them before the problem gets very bad. Because every foot deformity is flexible at first but will harden and become arthritic if left too long. Just as in any other part of healthcare, the sooner a problem is treated the easier it is to fix.

If you have ever known anyone with a chronic, persistent foot condition they will tell you: the only thing that does not hurt is sitting. If round-the-clock sitting is your lifestyle, don’t worry about that emerging pain or deformity in your foot. It won’t matter. If, however, you enjoy walking as far and as long as you like, any kind of sport or recreational activity, or just pain-free living while on your feet, you need to protect your feet by giving them what they need.