Sole Supports™: Reduce or Eliminate Foot Deformities

Normal Function = Normal Appearance

The images above show two common foot deformities: a bunion (left) and a Mortons Neuroma. Both of these happen due to mechanical causes: an abnormally flattened arch. The foot below is a normal foot which stays that way when foot posture and function are preserved.

When it comes to disease and healthcare, most of us understand it as a one way process: we get a disease and a doctor fixes us. In the real world, however, our bodies are moving in one of two directions: towards disease when we don’t live healthily; or towards health —when we take care of ourselves and our bodies function normally. Sometimes, of course, disease is beyond our personal control. When it comes to healthy foot function, though, about 99% of us have a choice. If you understand how feet are supposed to function, that choice should be Sole Supports™.

Because Sole Supports are the first foot orthotic designed to actually change the posture and function of the foot. All other orthotics are designed to provide local pressure relief on certain areas of the foot while leaving the overall posture and function of the foot the same. That means that a typical orthotic will only give some pain relief but let the foot degenerate into a number of common foot deformities: bunions, hammertoes, corns and calluses, big toe arthritis and numerous other strange, shoe-rubbing bumps. And the pain relief is usually only temporary because the underlying cause of the foot problem, poor posture and function, has been ignored.

The only way to solve both foot pain and deformity problems permanently is to restore normal working posture and function to the foot. Sole Supports certified practitioners do this by capturing your full available arch with our casting technique. We then make the orthotic completely custom to your foot shape, flexibility, weight and activity level.

As long as your bunion or other deformity is not “set in stone”, there is a good chance that wearing your Sole Supports day after day, whenever you are on your feet, will eventually give your feet the ability to heal themselves. With that healing the deformities will disappear. How can that happen? Like we said above, your health can go down or up depending on your lifestyle. Likewise, your feet can improve or worsen depending on how you support them. Give your feet back their normal function and they will give you back their normal appearance.